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Matt Price

As a historian of science and technology, I have been interested in the social impacts of technologies my whole adult life. My interest in digital technology emerged partly out of my research (especially on early cybernetics, in the 1950s and 1960s) and partly from my practical engagement teaching technical skills to kids and people in social housing. My hope in much of my teaching is that students come away, first, with a sense of how digital technologies can both enhance and diminish what some philosophers have called “human flourishing” and others “emancipation”; and second, equipped with the tools they need to help nudge our society along in the right direction.

I have current Wilderness First Responder, Whitewater Rescue Technician, and Tandem Canoe Whitewater certifications from the relevant Canadian certification bodies (WFR includes a high-level CPR certification with it). I also worked for 4 years as a lifeguard & camp counselor when I was younger, and was an All-American open water swimmer.