Wild Waters

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Fall 2018 – NEW271 Special Topics: Wild Waters

Wednesdays 2:00 — 4:00 

Join this exploration of the history and culture of rivers – the “wild waters” which have played a pivotal role in so many of the world’s cultures. This experimental course invites students to learn not only through reading, writing, and discussion, but also through other kinds of experiences. These include a weekend of whitewater canoeing in Eastern Ontario October 12-14, and a second (and exciting) experiential module to take place during November reading week.

We are guided not only by theoretical and methodological questions, but also by a commitment to experiential and land-based pedagogy. What does it mean to learn by doing, and to learn from the land? How do we navigate the complexities of settler-indigenous relations in a country founded on acts of theft? How can our learning become part of a meaningful reconciliation process?

Wild Waters is part of the water-centered pedagogical initiatives founded at New College by Prof. Bonnie McElhinny, which has also included “Something in the Water” and “Living at the Water’s Edge”. It is also part of the University of Toronto Outdoors Initiative.

Course instructor: Matt Price

Matt Price is winner of the 2017 Kathleen O’Donnell Teaching Excellence Award at New College. His teaching draws on his training as a historian and philosopher of science, as well as on his active involvement with various social and political movements. In the Department for the Study of Religion, he has taught Religion & Science for several years, and he teaches the acclaimed Hacking History fourth-year seminar in the History Department. Dr Price encourages students to explore disciplinary domains beyond their comfort zones and advocates scholarly engagement with pressing social concerns and local communities. He is currently one of the technical directors of the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI), a network of scholars and activists dedicated to protecting the integrity of environmental science in the United States under the administration of President Donald Trump. He is also the co-founder of an initiative called University of Toronto Outdoors, which seeks to strengthen outdoor education at U of T. This venture grew out of the founders’ experiences bringing students to the Indian Himalayan Region.

Dr Price has current Wilderness First Responder, Whitewater Rescue Technician, and Tandem Canoe Whitewater certifications from the relevant Canadian certification bodies (WFR includes a high-level CPR certification with it). He was an All-American open water swimmer when younger.